Acuity is an innovative, cloud-based software designed to assist diagnostic service delivery for clinicians, staff and administrators through the capture of high-quality standardized data along with seamless integration with radiology and hospital based information systems.

To standardize data acquisition and maintain quality, automated techniques that enable multiparametric feature extraction and improved throughput [ARE] important

The Future of Cardiac Imaging. JACC: Cardiovascular Imaging 2016

For Clinicians

Acuity provides vendor-neutral, cloud-based structured reporting of diagnostic tests using our innovative Natural Language Generation (NLG) engine. Through expanding partnerships with hardware and image processing vendors, Acuity accelerates the reporting process using quantitative data from image analyses. With intuitive interfaces for the rapid coding of subjective findings, complemented by elegant graphical displays and patient-specific analytics, Acuity is transforming how clinicians interpret diagnostic tests and impact cardiovascular care.

Acuity improves the delivery & efficiency of diagnostic testing through data-driven workflows, standardized report generation and in-cloud, real-time analytics.

For Technologists and Nurses

Acuity is a virtual assistant designed to improve efficiency in clinical workflow and mandatory data capture. With increasing demands for quality assurance and quality improvement variable collection and reporting, Acuity provides rapid, tablet-based solutions for the electronic capture of patient and procedural data while offering real-time tools to improve workflow efficiency.

For Administrators and Researchers

Acuity provides real-time analytics of referral, procedural, and disease-coded data collected along the care pathway. From time-of-referral through all stages of procedural care, disease pathology coding and report delivery, Acuity captures high-quality, granular data with cross-modality standardization designed specifically for the exploration and delivery of Precision Healthcare. Using Acuity’s real-time dashboards and reports, you can quickly identify trends and associations in hospital-, service-, physician-, patient-, and disease-based measures.

Improve efficiency

Acuity collects data relevant to the interpretation of diagnostic tests to improve diagnostic accuracy and efficiency. Combining referral demographics, prior testing, quantitative image analyses and patient reported health, Acuity prepares standardized Natural Language reports ready for physician-based adjustment, finalization and distribution.

Increase precision & reproducibility

Through expanding collaborations and partnerships, Acuity provides unprecedented access to population-based normative data for a wide range of quantitative analyses. We believe in improving diagnostic test precision and reproducibility by providing data driven tools to physicians.

Analyze, learn & collaborate

We are pioneering techniques for the real-time integration of both local and multi-institutional curated datasets to provide new insights for business, clinical and academic endpoints. We are dedicated to supporting the global expansion of high-quality, disease-based data repositories and outcome registries.