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Do you have enough information about your patients?

Learn more about your patients with Acuity Intake

Designed to streamline your patient intake process, Acuity Intake enables you to quickly collect patient-reported data while obtaining consent for data usage

Improve care by unleashing the power of patient data

Bring your patients into the loop

Patient Engagement and Consent

Patient engagement is core to your service and provides unique opportunities to improve care. Acuity Intake is a simple yet powerful tablet application to bring your patients into the Acuity experience by automatically obtaining consent for data usage and asking relevant questions to assist test interpretation and calculate validated risk scores. Institutional forms can also be added to streamline your practice workflow, dramatically reducing time and costs related to consent and data collection.

A Powerful Tool for Precision Healthcare Delivery

Implementing precision healthcare in the "real-world" is challenging. High-quality, standardized measures of patient health are critical for contextualizing diagnostic tests and care delivery, but are rarely provided by referral documentation. Acuity Intake allows your patient to provide a brief medical history in the waiting room, capturing information relevant to each referral, assisting test interpretation, and populating validated risk scores. Appropriate for use across all age groups, and configurable by language, Acuity Intake transforms patient waiting into precision healthcare delivery.