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Does your CMR reporting solution provide actionable insights?

Reduce uncertainty and maximize the value of CMR using AcuityMR

Designed in collaboration with leading CMR practitioners, AcuityMR enables expert-level workflows and interpretation at every CMR practice.

Finally, a reporting software that makes your life easier.

Patient-specific CMR imaging workflow, data capture, and reporting...
integrated with your image processing vendor

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Generate high-quality, data-driven preliminary reports with one click

As an imaging physician, your expertise should be focused on identifying non-routine findings. Acuity integrates patient information and quantitative measures to generate a preliminary report on routine findings based on published results so that your attention can be spent on the patient and their unique heart.

Unprecedented natural-language generation (NLG) from intuitive graphical scoring

In Acuity, a picture creates your words. Using tailored graphical tools, you can easily capture fibrosis patterns, stress perfusion patterns, and more in AcuityMR. These data are automatically transformed into natural language for you to review, optimizing communication and removing the need for tedious dictation.

Increase the value of Acuity with enterprise integration

Acuity Enterprise provides HL7 and FHIR integration to your institutional Health IT systems, reducing data entry and streamlining workflow.

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