How Can We Use Patient Data to Improve Clinical Decisions?

Today's healthcare system is complex. Institutions are challenged by a rapid expansion in diagnostic data but few options to manage and interact with it. Cohesic is focused on bridging the expanding gap between legacy hospital systems and the desire to deliver data-driven, cost-effective care.

At Cohesic, we are changing the way data is generated and used in healthcare. Through intuitive cloud-based applications, we are creating a cohesive system for the capture and meaningful use of data in patient care.

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Acuity® - Better Data For Care Providers

Acuity is an intuitive cloud-based platform designed to integrate diagnostic imaging teams and their workflow. From electronic referral to protocolling, consent, interpretation and report distribution: we manage it all.

Acuity works with your existing hospital and radiology information systems to track the data you need to improve service quality and value. We provide the most elegant Natural Language Generation (NLG) and graphical reporting interfaces developed to date while delivering meaningful and interactive reports for referring physicians and their patients.

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Clarity® - Better Data For Patients

Clarity is an intuitive mobile app designed to allow patients to engage in their own medical care. It captures relevant and repeated measures of health prior to, and between scheduled office visits. With patient-friendly graphical displays of results and trends, patients can become more aware of their health and become active participants in their care.

Clarity is provided with a tablet-based application for care providers that displays longitudinal measures of patient-reported health in addition to their diagnostic test results (linked via Acuity). This provides a unique opportunity for informed decision making and for the delivery of individualized patient care.

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